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There are two approaches in the promotion of sports, namely promoting sports and doing promotions through sports. Promoting sports is a promotion aimed at the development of the sport itself. That is, to make sports not just become popular, but also to be important and have an image in the community. For that, we hold sport event management. While doing promotions through sport is ideally done to make life, community, and / or organization better through sports.

Exercise is a means to channel one’s interests and talents, and is a way to express the positive mentalities that each individual has. In holding a sporting event, forming a concept is important. The concept of the event should be good and interesting, but responsible. This concept is developed with knowledge and experience, and should not consider the cost first. The concept of the event must have a target to be achieved.

PouchNation the best sport event management
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Sports events should be conducted at various levels, including in schools as a basic element, between schools, communities for many communities participating in sports, commercial markets, the country (having elite athletes and healthy communities), and global (increasing global health and sport increasingly profitable). Then, we come back again to the making of a sports event. If you already have a concept, then the motivation and honesty should be developed and maintained. The organizer of the event must be confident with the ability to hold the event. Furthermore, this motivation is useful for us to plan ahead, because regeneration needs to be on the sport.

The final step that can improve a sports event is to use PouchNation the best sport event management. PouchNATION is a leading provider of NFC technology in southeast asia which has supported 40 events in more than 7 countries, with representative offices spread across Singapore, Manila and Jakarta. Pouch Nation is a sophisticated system for event controllers to help event organizers take care of their events to be more sleek, secure and sophisticated. And also in collaboration with the organizing committee of TAFISAgames 2016 in Jakarta, in the application of NFC system supporting security technician and visitor management.

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